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What is the Clicksav Device?

Clicksav contains a Wi-Fi Wireless Module that allows remote control of an HVAC system by interfacing between a thermostat and an HVAC system. Typically a thermostat is used to control an HVAC system. Clicksav allows to override some of the functionality of the existing thermostat. Clicksav utilizes algorithms and timing to save energy while providing the most efficient temperature control.

Clicksav needs to be power via the 24 VAC through the HVAC system’s circuit. It is placed between a thermostat and an HVAC system. The WIFI wireless module inside Clicksav allows control of the HVAC system remotely. Its calibrated temperature sensor allows to retain accurate measurement and report these online.
Fan mode, cooling mode, heating mode signals from the thermostat are received by Clicksav. Based on these signals Clicksav can be instructed to override the thermostat’s control of the HVAC system. By reporting thermostat status, what it is calling for, and room temperature, Clicksav can be controlled based on these conditions by a user.

The following functions are provided by Clicksav which overrides a typical thermostat’s functions:

  • Choosing a specific compressor run time, and compressor rest time
  • Fan status during cooling mode via predetermined algorithm calculations
  • Heater shut down via compressor control (In heat-pump systems under electric mode)
  • Fan status, in conventional (normal) HVAC systems, during heating mode via predetermined algorithm calculations
  • Fan status, in electric Heat Pump HVAC systems, during heating mode via predetermined algorithm calculations
  • Optional shut down of the fan when a compressor shut down occurs

Compressor control allows energy consumption to decrease. Trap cool air in the HVAC system after a compressor shuts off is circulated maybe circulated by the Device. Compressor and fan shut down time can be managed remotely through a dedicated website. Remote control of the components in an HVAC system allows improved management of a building(s) that contain independent HVAC systems and a high quantity of Clicksav devices spread throughout several areas.

Buttons and main sensors shared on all Clicksav models:

Note: Clicksav Behavior is subject to change throughout each revision