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Clicksav Installation

Tired of seeing high numbers on the utility bill? Learn the first step to adapt a Clicksav device to an HVAC system to be more energy efficient.

Checking air conditioner basics:

The first step is to determine the size, type and specifications of the air conditioner system.

There are 2 main types of HVAC systems that may be power electrically, via gas or a combination of both. Below is a general setup for either type of system.

*Please refer to the installation manual for further information

Typical Terminal Connections Between HVAC Systems and Thermostat

Typical HVAC connections to a Thermostat

Clicksav Device Connected Between Conventional (Normal) HVAC system and Thermostat

Clicksav Device Connected Between Heat-pump HVAC system and Thermostat
Notice that the heater wire (typically labeled W) of the Clicksav device is connected to be common terminal

Note : Wiring and Wire Color Varies by System. See installation manual for a specific Clicksav Device for further information