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Clicksav Device Dual Control for a HVAC System

The amount of time to turn the compressor ON and the amount of time to turn the compressor OFF can be arranged. This allows to set a duty cycle, adding flexibility to the time a compressor can be ON or OFF continuously. Changing these amounts of time before a read will take effect. The previous compressor cycle will not need to finish first.

Note: this feature cannot be removed and only applies when cool or heat mode selected at the thermostat calls for compressor usage. It affects conventional (normal) HVAC systems running in cool mode, and heat pump HVAC systems. If the user does not want a cycle to be enforced, then a very small compressor rest time and a high compressor run time should be indicated online (see Scheduler section in PART II of the Operations Manual for further information).
Threshold temperature must be higher than room temperature in order for compressor run and rest to happen. Otherwise, the device is bypassed.