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Clicksav Device Characteristics (When Pressing Reset and Provision Buttons)

Pressing and holding the reset button causes a bypass. The device is not in control of the HVAC system during the time the button is held pressed. The thermostat controls the HVAC directly (as if no device is present between these).

When the HVAC system is not in use and only the fan is chosen to be used (is set to ON), if the red button is pressed the fan may turn OFF for about ½ of a second.

The graph at the top right shows how the device takes over the thermostat’s signal.
The graph at the bottom right shows how the device is bypassed at some point after the compressor and the fan are turned OFF by the device.

Signals from Thermostat to HVAC system:

— Compressor signal (C)

— Fan signal (F)

— Heater signal (H)

Note: When the compressor is turned ON, the Fan will always be ON.
In Heat Pump systems, the compressor provides heat or cool (depending on selected settings).
CSCD: Compressor short cycle delay

Pressing the provisioning button (settings button) for 3 seconds, and releasing will cause a temporary bypass, until the unit is reset (using the reset button).

Pressing it for 3 seconds, releasing and pressing again will result in turning OFF signals to the HVAC system. The system will reboot but wireless connection may not work properly for the first 3 minutes.

Pressing the reset button at least 3 seconds will cause the unit to reset. In a reset, compressor and fan signals are blocked for a short time and then reestablished. Part of the algorithm will be reset. Partial information acquired from the website will be cleared. Certain routines may continue running.