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The following diagram displays the basic communication and main concepts of how the Clicksav device interferes between a thermostat and an HVAC system

1. When no internet connection is present, the device will operate in a predetermined routine. It will attempt to reconnect automatically. Any power loss or communication will result in no remote requests to happen. Unless the device has enough time to follow Read (download) requests from the website before an internet outage.

2. When first connected to the internet, the device will operate from predetermined website requests (usually this is set during device registration). When connection to the website is established, a Read and a Write will occur by the device. The requests read by the device will be followed.

A Read (download) occurs when the device checks the website for any requests. The number of times it checks per day can be selected online. Requests can be combined to be read at a single time. These include changes in communication frequency, write frequency, temperature adjustments, and set times for compressor turn OFF among other options (see device management section in PART II of the Operations Manual for further information). If the device acquires new instructions (a Read occurs) from the website before connection loss, it may perform the given requests from those instructions.

A Write (upload) to the website from the device reports measured temperature, and signal status of the HVAC system (compressor, fan, and heater) along with other algorithm diagnosis. The number of times it reports per day can be selected online.

Connections may vary from one HVAC system to another. See HVAC system, thermostat and Clicksav manuals for further information. Clicksav Behavior is subject to change throughout each revision.