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Clicksav installation

We will guide and provide the upmost quality service for any Clicksav device in your HVAC system. Just make sure to have the necessary details about your systems. Click to find out more


Maintenance and Support

Clicksav devices are designed for 1st stage HVAC systems, however the device can connect to a multistage system. Any software and website guidance is available. Click to find out more


Saves energy and money

HVAC systems are regulated appliances. To properly function at their best rate of energy consumption, Clicksav has built-in remote functions that help adjust HVAC turn ON and OFF behavior. It can reduce energy consumptions and prolong a system’s life.
Do not let money fly out into the air!
By using Clicksav’s functions and features accordingly, there will be money savings. Biweekly logs on energy consumption can be downloaded as needed.
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Daily Monitoring

Access and control any Clicksav device from anywhere and at any time!
The online website panel will show system status, device status, and available control settings (depending on user level).

Monitor and control system or devices. Organize and add subaccounts such as Installers, contractors, aggregators, technicians and customers.
*user levels subject to change. Click to find out more

Window Units

Remote Control Scheduling

Decide when a system should turn OFF and for how long!
Clicksav’s remote functions provides the option to a user to turn Compressor OFF or both compressor and fan OFF by:

  • Choosing days of the week and a time range (duration)
  • Choosing a specific day and time with set duration of 30 or 60 minutes.
  • Selecting a duty cycle

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window unit

Compatibility with all HVAC systems

Clicksav Devices are able to be installed in different HVAC system.
As long as a the system has a compressor and a fan, it will be compatible!
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