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The website allows to view device status, and HVAC system reports.
Depending the user level:

  • The user can change reporting frequency, communication frequency, compressor run time, compressor rest time.
  • Users are restricted set temperature parameters and set commands for the device.

Levels vary from:

  • Main Administrator
  • Aggregator Administrator
  • Installer (Contractor)
  • Technician
  • Customer

All user levels are able to view assigned device(s) reports stored in the website.


As seen in the previous chart, assignation and account creation is available through the hierarchy. Each user level has a limitation.
Account creation is limited as listed in the following:
1. The Parent Administrator can create all level of users.
2. An Aggregator can create Installer, Technician and Customer accounts.
3. The Installer can create Technician and Customer accounts.
4. The Technician can only create Customer accounts.
5. Customers cannot create any kind of user account.

Devices are assigned and passed down through each user level as well, except for technicians. The editing and control of devices varies as listed next.
Starting from the end customer:
5. The Customer can only see but not edit or set any commands to the device.
4. A Technician or Installer (contractor) can view reports and set commands but cannot edit the device.
3. No device can be assign to a Technician. Technicians under their respective installers can assign devices to Customers.
2. Aggregators can view reports, set commands and edit the device.
1. The Parent administrator is the master account where all functions can be accessed, including an audit function for devices.

Note: for a Parent administrator account, devices cannot be assign beyond an Aggregator account level. Aggregators can assign devices to Installers and customers. A device cannot be assigned to multiple users of the same level.