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Demand Response (DR) and Scheduler Shut Down (SC)

Basic overview for controlling the compressor, or compressor and fan through demand response or the scheduler features is explained next.
Further behavior explanation will be found in PART III at the end of the operations manual.
Demand Response (DR):
A selected demand response code will request the device to turn OFF the compressor, or both the compressor and the fan for a period of time (depending on the code).
Scheduler Shut Down (SC):
A determined schedule can be set to have the compressor turn OFF, or both compressor and fan turn OFF for a specific amount of time during a range of days (Unlike the already preset time period in a demand response) that is repeatable every week.

As long as threshold temperature conditions are met, a DR or SC event will occur. The threshold temperature is a temperature limit that can be set remotely. This allows bypassing of the device by selecting a point of temperature reference when a user no longer wants the device to be in control. When room temperature is higher than the threshold temperature, the device is bypassed.

Scheduler Shut Down (SC) Code behavior is shown below:

Demand Response Codes (DR) behavior is shown below: