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Daily Monitoring

HVAC system behavior and device functionality analysis can be monitor on a live basis.
Communication frequency and report frequency can be set to a device.
Base on these, a user can define how often a device reports the status of the HVAC
system called by the thermostat and how often it should read through new setting changes
made online.
Please refer to installation and operations manuals for in-depth information, or contact us!
Online control features:

  • Over the air updates (OTA) will be available to devices connected to the internet.
  • Safety and normalization. Any system can be directed to work as normal, our devices are capable of being bypassed.
  • Compressor, fan, temperature, and energy consumptions status.
  • Device status and duty cycle rectification.
  • Temperature readings and wattage offset for diagnosis purposes.
  • Temperature alerts
  • Diagnostics panel for graphical comparison and visualization of temperature, and energy usage.