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General Thermostat and Clicksav Device Control Pathways Over an HVAC System

Through a thermostat, the user can control the behavior of the HVAC system and choose modes that use particular subsystems of an HVAC system. Based on these selections the device will control compressor and fan as specifically instructed from data entered in the website (if applicable) or when no internet connection is available.
The following diagram specifies possible paths for HVAC system set up and main control from the device. Note that Clicksav only connects to the FIRST STAGE of the Compressor and Heater. All other functions in a thermostat are not interfered.
Typical scenario pathway of thermostat settings and device intervention to an HVAC system behavior:

  • DR: Demand Response code assigns a predetermined amount of time for the compressor to be turned OFF, or both compressor and fan to be turned OFF ( codes: 1,2,3, and 5). Demand Response code 0, and 4 are advanced user codes. Code 0 sets the device to normal operation. Code 4 allows to bypass device control.
  • SC: Scheduler Shut Down. It turns OFF the compressor, or both the compressor and fan for a desired length of time (codes: 0 and 1).
    Compressor run/rest can be treated as a cycle when no DR or SC events occur, where:
  • Compressor Run: Specifies how long the compressor should be ON.
  • Compressor Rest: Specifies How long the compressor should be OFF.
  • Threshold Temperature: Is a temperature the device can compare to the current room temperature. This is to avoid compressor and fan turn OFF when no longer necessary.
  • Fan Status Duration: This is not control by the user, it is determined by the device given the current room temperature reading, threshold temperature and thermostat mode usage.

Note: Clicksav Behavior is subject to change throughout each revision